School In Kind Donation Fundraising – Online Fundraisers for Schools

Our nations school systems have been declining in their excellence over the past few years. Billions of dollars in school budget cuts have caused teachers to lose jobs,Guest Posting class sizes to almost double, and a large overcrowding in schools, all of which in kind donation affect student’s learning experiences. Schools have begun to resort to their traditional fundraising events, such as selling products door to door, but are finding them to be much less successful than in the past. The declining economy has caused many former donors to hold onto their wallets instead of support their favorite charities. Fundraisers for schools must take a different face in order for school to stay on top of their expenses.

This dilemma in school fundraising can only be fixed through very effective fundraising events. While some have found success in the traditional fundraising methods, most have not. Many nonprofit organizations, including churches, are turning their fundraising efforts to the Internet. Over $42 Billion were spent online in ecommerce last year. New school fundraising companies are giving organizations a chance to earn a tiny portion of that large $42 Billion.

This is done through services that offer schools a list of over four hundred merchants their supporters can shop from. Each time someone shops through the school at one of these merchants, the school immediately receives a small percentage of the final sale as a donation. How easy is that for a school fundraiser? School fundraising events have always been short-lived ventures, not lasting more than a week or two. This new online fundraising method can last all year round as a school fundraiser, allowing schools to earn thousands of dollars a year through fundraising.

The great part about these school fundraising programs is that some are free to sign up for. No costs up front or membership fees. Schools can simply sign up and receive benefits immediately. While many school fundraisers have failed in the past few years, a small minority has really thrived as spending has transitioned to the online world. Be sure to get involved with online fundraisingfor your next school fundraising idea and start earning today!